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The community of Dunbar  is centered on Dunbar Street between 16th Avenue and Southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver, BC and is an attractive community of quiet, tree-lined streets, single-family houses, beautiful parks and a central community centre. Convenience to the city and university while maintaining an "out of the city" vibe make the community of Dunbar truly unique in Vancouver.



Dunbar Real Estate
Dunbar's streets are lined with majestic oaks and a wide array of unique character single family  homes. While most of Dunbar consists of older detatched homes, many houses have been previously renovated to provide for modern day conveniences. Apartments in Dunbar, while less abundant then in other parts of the city, are available in mostly low-rise buildings designed to keep the architecturaly charm of the area intact.  Pricing in 2011 for detached ranged from $1,248,000 to $5,380,000, Condo pricing from $325,000 to $839,000.

Dunbar Restaurants and Shopping
The shopping district in Dunbar is located primarily along Dunbar Street from W 16th Avenue to W 41st Avenue and east along W 41st to Collingwood Street. Known as the Dunbar Village, the area boasts over 300 shops, including restaurants, coffee shops, children’s stores, bookshops, pet supplies, groceries, clothing shops, bakeries, and a host of services to meet all your needs.

Dunbar Parks:
Dunbar's parks are plentiful and include Camosun, Chaldecott, Deering Island, Memorial West, Musqueam, Quadra West and Valdez are all located within the district. 

Dunbar Residents
Dunbar enjoys an active residents community which organizes and plans a variety of cultural and community events both large and small throughout the year. Many residents here would agree that the Dunbar Residents’ Association is largely responsible for making Dunbar such a wonderful place to live.

Dunbar Demographics*:

* Population: 21,480
* Average Household Income: $86,885
* Average Household Size: 2.9

Dunbar Schools:
Queen Elizabeth Annex

Kitchener Elementary School
Jules Quesnel Elementary School

Immaculate Conception School


* Statistics from City of Vancouver / 2006 Census